Coco Coach–After a preview earlier this month, Chanel launched its complete fall-winter 2014 campaign with Cara Delevingne and Binx Walton. The duo poses for Karl Lagerfeld in sports themed images where they go from boxing to running to weightlifting with an ultra-luxe touch. Cara and Binx look to be in fighting shape in their tweeds, leather footwear and hats. See more from the new Chanel advertisements below.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

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Scene Unseen

Dancehall in Japan

Discover more about the unexpected success of dancehall and reggae in Japan.

In the first film of a trilogy exploring music scenes around the world, we investigate the continuing, somewhat unlikely success of dancehall and reggae in Japan.

The principle characters include Yokohama’s soundsystem kings Mighty Crown who in many ways paved the way for the scene as it is today.

Batty Bom Bom is one of the scene’s most well known dancers and is a former winner of the prestigious annual Dancehall Queen competition.

The Illmatic Gyalz don’t only teach newcomers to the scene how to do the dance moves, they also educate them on Jamaican culture and language.

For all, dancehall is a fundamental part of their life and the music, the style and the culture runs through them. Whilst outsiders may find their fascination bizarre, the scene is as energetic and vibrant as anywhere on the planet.




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